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Anyone giving the impression that he was not completely enthralled with Baptiste's fistic skills risked an attitude adjustment session in the basement of the mansion, from which few emerged alive. On the screen, Baptiste's opponent staggered back a few steps. Blood from a deep cut over his right eye was blinding him. The future president of Batanga feinted with a jab before landing a crushing hook to his victim's temple.

As Topalov sank to the canvas, both the boxing and presidential Baptistes threw back their heads and laughed uproariously. Though the sound was off, everyone at the banquet knew that Baptiste's many fans were chanting "ho, ho, ho," as they always did when "The Happy Warrior" knocked down an opponent. Baptiste had earned his nickname by laughing delightedly whenever he subjected a foe to a particularly awful beating.

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Topalov had been hospitalized after the bout. The man who had ruled Batanga before Baptiste had not been so lucky. After his knockout of the Russian, Baptiste returned to Batanga for a victory parade followed by a dinner in his honor given by the previous president of the republic. During dinner, a squad of army officers, bribed with money from Baptiste's fight purse, stormed the banquet hall and engineered a coup.

Rumor had it that Baptiste had made several excellent jokes while eating the heart of the ex-president in a Juju ceremony that was supposed to infuse him with the deceased's spiritual essence. Baptiste smiled, displaying a perfect set of pearly white teeth. President," answered Marsh. Charlie was a foot shorter and roughly one hundred and fifty pounds lighter than his host. Because he lacked Baptiste's courage and vicious temperament, it had taken a considerable effort to hide his terror during dinner.

Now he gathered what little nerve he possessed and raised the subject curiosity had prodded him to explore ever since Jean-Claude had invited him to sit in the chair usually occupied by Bernadette Baptiste, the only one of the president's wives to bear him a child. Baptiste nodded agreement. They know your power will bring them great pleasure in bed, not so? Charlie looked down the table at Bernadette's child, five-year-old Alfonse, who sat next to his nanny.

Baptiste's smile faded. The benevolent and all-powerful ruler of Batanga loved to eat almost as much as he loved to inflict pain, and he scanned the cart eagerly. It was laden with all of the president's favorites, most of which he'd sampled for the first time in the fast-food restaurants and sumptuous casino buffets of Las Vegas. Charlie had no appetite but he knew better than to disobey any presidential command, even one as benign as an order to eat dessert. As soon as the waiter placed an enormous slice of cherry cheesecake on Charlie's plate, Baptiste leaned close to Charlie's ear and whispered conspiratorially:.

After dinner, I have an interesting entertainment planned. Tuazama was the head of the National Education Bureau, Baptiste's secret police. The cadaverous black man's head rotated slowly in Charlie's direction at the same time Charlie turned toward him, as if Tuazama had read his mind. There were rumors that Tuazama had supernatural powers, and Charlie had not discounted these rumors completely. Tuazama's thin, bloodless lips displayed none of the president's joy.

Unlike his master, Tuazama had no sense of humor. Availability: Usually Ships in Days. Published: Clarkson Potter - June 2nd, Matters of the Heart Hardcover. By Danielle Steel. Published: Delacorte Press - June 2nd, The Story Sisters Hardcover. By Alice Hoffman. Medusa Hardcover.

By Clive Cussler , Paul Kemprecos. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Apr 11, Jeff Dickison rated it liked it. This book has some real problems. First, it's supposed to be an Amande Jaffe book but she is mainly absent from the first half of the book.

Fugitive: A Novel (Amanda Jaffe Series)

Second, the defendant that she is working with is such a scum that you don't really care if he gets off or not. Third, the book is full of plot cliches. Fourth, I figured out before Amanda was really introduced into the plot who the shooter was.

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Margolin can do much better than this. Apr 27, Don rated it really liked it. Three and three quarter stars. Charlie Marsh is in prison for fraud when he saves the life of a prison guard in a botched escape attempt by another prisoner. After his release and making a fortune writing about his experience, Charlie is charged with the murder of a Congressman. He flees to a despotic African country that does not have an extradition treaty with the US. When things go bad for Charlie there, he wants to return to the US. Although there are a couple of small flaws, it is a well wr Three and three quarter stars.

View 1 comment. Aug 03, Kayeb rated it liked it. It was ok Amanda Jaffe, the heroine of Wild Justice and Proof Positive, is back-in this twisting tale of international intrigue and murder that leads her deep into the past. Charlie Marsh, a petty thief and con man, becomes a national hero when he rescues the warden of a state penitentiary during a prison riot, but it doesn't take long before he is wanted again, suspected of killing a United States cong It was ok Mar 06, Lynne Curry rated it it was amazing. This is a great yarn. A scary, irrational dictator.

A daring escape. Great character portrayal. This sets the right bar for the novel I'm working on. Fugitive is Margolin's best novel. Oct 02, Robert Berry rated it really liked it. Amanda jaffe takes after her father Frank when she representes the other suspect who fled to Africa.

Only after he's threathen with his life does he return to face the music. Moonbeam to the rescue. Apr 05, Flash Floyd rated it liked it. This book starts out with some very gruesome scenes, but gradually evolves into a very average story.

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It doesn't quite deserve 3 stars, but isn't a 2 star book either. Just average. Amanda Jaffe deals with an accused murderer who returns on his own to the U. It is the lesser of the evils for the accused. There is a big reveal near the end that sort of frustrates me as a reader. Feb 05, Tim rated it it was ok. Therefore, 50 percent of this story is trite and unfulfilling.

Fugitive: A Novel (Amanda Jaffe Series #4) | viakinglapun.tk

Jul 24, Susannah Carleton rated it liked it. A good book, but the plot was not as riveting, nor as action-filled, as the earlier ones. Sep 27, Cindy rated it really liked it.